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Business Law

Helping Businesses From Start to Finish…
…And With Every Issue That Arises in Between
At the law firm of Travis Herbert & Stempien, our attorneys are able to assist with business formation, business dissolution and every issue that may arise in between.

The decades of experience we bring to every matter can benefit small to midsize businesses of all types in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.

We Begin By Looking at the Finish Line
At the beginning of every business law issue we handle, we take the time to look at how the matter will finish, or rather, how you want the case to finish. Our lawyers will carefully analyze your goals. After all, we need to know your goals in order to provide you with an outcome that meets them.

What Business Law Issue Do You Need Assistance With?
We are ready to handle any business law issue, including:

  • Business formation: Choosing a business entity, business organization and more
  • Business litigation: Contract disputes, intellectual property disputes and more
  • Commercial real estate: Buying property, leasing real estate and more
  • Risk management: Business insurance advice, malpractice avoidance and more
  • Business contracts: Employment contracts, buy/sell agreements and more
  • Employment law: Defense against sexual harassment lawsuits, discrimination claims and more
  • Business dissolution: Closing a business, selling a business and more

Pay For the Content, Not the Container
Our commitment is to getting results in a cost-effective manner. We purposely keep our office overhead reasonable so that we don’t have to pass unnecessary expenses on to you like some other law firms might.

Instead, our business law team is conveniently located in suburban Louisville, Kentucky. We are easy to find, offer convenient off-street parking and have a comfortable office setting.

Free Consultation

To discuss any legal issue you are facing, please fill out your email below. Whether it’s for yourself, your family or your business, we look forward to working with you.